Status : Presented 
Date : 1986 
Title : A Software Design Methods based on Tree-structure 
Authors : 박영근, 홍대식, 이경환 
Conference : 가을 학술발표 논문집 
Abstract : 'Design' is primarily concerned with structure and program must be created from problem structure naturally. The designer's goal is to produce a model or representation of an entity that will later be built. Tree structure is a useful model to control problem/program structure complexity. It is a natural outcome from top-down decomposition and from principles of design methodology. Moreover, it agrees with human-reasoning structure. This thesis deals with analysis not of program, but of problem. 
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3 [기타] 천현수, 옹성환, 홍대식, 진익수, 오현서, 'DSP를 이용한 실시간 디지털 페이딩 채널 시뮬레이터 구현', Mar. 1998 Presented  1998-03 
2 [기타] 구화본, 홍대식, 이경환, 'Petri Net을 이용한 사무절차 모델링에 관한 연구', 1986 file Presented  1986 
» [기타] 박영근, 홍대식, 이경환, 'A Software Design Methods based on Tree-structure', 1986 file Presented  1986