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Status : Published 
Date : 2011-10 
Title : Reporting Order Control for Fast Primary Detection in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing 
Authors : Gosan Noh, Hano Wang,Junho Jo, Byoung-Hoon Kim and Daesik Hong 
Journal : IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 
Abstract : Although cooperative spectrum sensing improves sensing accuracy in cognitive radio systems, additional reporting time is required to report the local test statistics until the existence of the primary user is verified, resulting in detection delay. To reduce the reporting time, we propose controlling the reporting order of the local test statistics, so that the local test statistics are reported to the fusion center in descending order of magnitude. As a result, the global test statistic at the fusion center accumulates faster than the case without reporting order control, reducing the reporting time needed to determine when the threshold for detecting the primary user has been exceeded. To do this, we propose, based on distributed access control, a combination of order identification, which finds the order of the local test statistic, and transmission probability calculation according to the identified order. Simulation results show that the proposed reporting order control significantly reduces the reporting time for detecting the primary user. 
URL : http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpls/abs_all.jsp?arnumber=6032117 
Download : http://mirinae.yonsei.ac.kr/?module=file...8878c8a997 

Gosan Noh; Hano Wang; Junho Jo; Byoung-Hoon Kim; Daesik Hong; , "Reporting Order Control for Fast Primary Detection in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing," Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on , vol.60, no.8, pp.4058-4063, Oct. 2011
doi: 10.1109/TVT.2011.2165863
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=6032117&isnumber=6045674

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