OFDM Multiple Antennas Cognitive Radio Relay CDMA Synchronization Channel Estimation Spectrum Sharing Interference Cancellation Full duplex Spectrum Sensing Resource Allocation Neural Networks Stochastic Geometry Equalizer Bi-Directional Feedback Femtocell Energy Harvesting Heterogeneous Networks Device-to-Device (D2D) Cross-link interference Cell Search SINR mismatch problem Ultra-dense small cell networks HetNet Idle cells Spectral efficiency Dynamic TDD interference management NOMA FBMC selection diversity Handoff outage probability mode selection B5G multi-spectral achievable sum rate Grant-free Transmission Filtered OFDM tabu-search bursty traffic model flexible duplex 5G Asynchronous Transmission Preamble Deep learning Shortened TTI automatic repeat request (ARQ) Two-way communications transmission capacity (TC) in-band full-duplex system self-interference cancellation Complexity Ultra-dense small cell sensing duration Correlated MIMO Cognitive relay networks Heterogeneous channel estimation capability Bi-directional full-duplex full-duplex cellular full-duplex relay Simultaneous Sensing and Transmission UWB OQAM Windowing Vehicle-to-vehicle communication prototype filter pilot signal LTE-based V2V link reliability resource size control interference to noise ratio eigen decomposition TS-W-OFDM C-V2V massive connectivity Reliability Vehicle-to-Vehicle full-spreading NOMA Resource management Cooperative systems Coexistence scenarios mixed numerology 6G Cell-free Coexisting network Multiple access Railway CP-OFDM MLP Edge computing Full-duplex Mobility non-orthogonal multiple access HST interference mitigation Computation offloading TDD configuration Singular Vale Decomposition
Status : Published 
Date : 2003-08 
Title : Adaptive Modulation and Coding of MIMO in Next Generation Mobile Systems 
Authors : Sangmin Ro, Intae Hwang, Daesik Hong, Changeon Kang and Mingoo Kang 
Journal : Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2003 
Abstract : In this paper, we combine adaptive modulation and coding (AMC) with multiple input multiple output (MIMO) VBLAST multiplexing to improve the throughput performance of AMC in next generation mobile communication systems. In addition, we propose a system that adopts selection transmit diversity (STD) in the combined AMC-MIMO VBLAST system. The received signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is improved by adopting STD techniques and an improved SNR increases a probability of selecting modulation and coding scheme (MCS) level that supports higher data rate. From the simulation results, the investigated MIMO-STD VBLAST system provides a throughput gain of 1Mbps compared with simply combined AMC-MIMO VBLAST system when the required SNR is 15dB. Also, the higher throughput is achieved by AMC-TD schemes and AMC-STTD scheme provides about 250kbps increase in throughput. And AMC-STD with 2 transmit antennas achieves about 420 kbps throughput improvement over the conventional AMC at 9dB SNR. 
URL : http://www.springerlink.com/content/x0r4a3r69a9h333v/ 

Reference Type: Book Chapter
Author: Ro, Sangmin
Author: Hwang, Intae
Author: Hong, Daesik
Author: Kang, Changeon
Author: Kang, Mingoo
Editor: Kumar, Vipin
Editor: Gavrilova, Marina
Editor: Tan, Chih
Editor: L’Ecuyer, Pierre
Primary Title: Adaptive Modulation and Coding of MIMO in Next Generation Mobile Systems
Book Title: Computational Science and Its Applications — ICCSA 2003
Book Series Title: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Copyright: 2003
Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
Isbn: 978-3-540-40161-2
Subject: Computer Science
Start Page: 982
End Page: 982
Volume: 2668
Url: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/3-540-44843-8_48
Doi: 10.1007/3-540-44843-8_48

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