Status : Published 
Date : 2014-08 
Title : Throughput Analysis of CSMA-based Cognitive Radio Networks in Idle Periods 
Authors : 왕한호, 김형종, 홍대식 
Journal : IEIE SPC 
Abstract : Random access protocols feature inherent sensing functionality and distributed coordination, making them suitable for cognitive radio communication environments, where secondary users must detect the white space of the primary spectrum and utilize the idle primary spectrum efficiently without centralized control. These characteristics have led to the adoption of carrier-sensing-multiple-access/collision-avoidance (CSMA/CA) in cognitive radio. This paper proposes a new analytical framework for evaluating the performance of a CSMA/CA protocol that considers the characteristics of idle periods based on the primary traffic behavior in cognitive radio systems. In particular, the CSMA/CA-based secondary network was analyzed in the terms of idle period utilization, which is the average effective data transmission time portion in an idle period. The use of the idle period was maximized by taking its statistical features into consideration. 
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