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4 [전자공학회논문지] 김영주, 왕한호, 홍대식, "Spectrum Reuse with Power Control for Two-Tier Femtocell Networks" Published  2014-10 
3 [전자공학회논문지] 김형종, 왕한호, 임성묵, 홍대식, "On Power Allocation Schemes for Bi-directional Communication in Spectrum Sharing-based Cognitive Radio System" Published  2014-10 
2 [IEIE SPC] 왕환호, 김형종, 홍대식, "Throughput Analysis of CSMA-based Cognitive Radio Networks in Idle Periods" Published  2014-08 
1 [IEIE SPC] 이해순, 김동규, 김진민, 홍대식, "A New In-band Full-duplex SIC Scheme Using a Phase Rotator" Published  2014-08